I look for reasons to move away from computer screen during weekends. I use my daughter's painting tools to draw thoughts of my mind. Here is a collection of my paintings created during my random forays into art.

Birds and their nest

On Dec. 5, 2020 (Saturday), we had a wonderful sunshine in Oxford and this inspired me to use my daughter crayons to draw birds, their nest and their surroundings. When walking my daughter to school everyday, we talk about birds and spot their nests in trees on our way. This has helped me connect to the lives of birds. I have always loved to hear the early morning chirps and tweet of birds. I made the following two crayon paintings to express my love and fascination for the lives of birds.

Flourishing in sunshine. (high resolution)
Enduring bite of rain. (high resolution)

Evening and Morning Offerings for the Sun God

A painting depicting people offering prayers to setting and rising Sun. (high resolution)

This painting -- drawn on 30 May 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown -- depicts people offering prayers to the Sun God during Sandhya Arghya (evening offerings) and Suryodaya Arghya (morning offerings) of Chatth Puja. This blog post contains more thoughts about this painting.