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The Art of Bicycle Maintenance

09 April 2017, Oxford, UK.

Today I patched up a puncture in my bicycle which had been lying in our store for last 6 months. I was waiting for some free time to fix my bicycle and have been using my wife's bicycle to travel to work and city. Today, I found some time and patched up the puncture. During my high school days in Janakpur, I often visited bicycle mechanics to get my bicycle fixed. It is during these visits that I learned this skill of patching up a punctured bicycle tube (or, a flat tyre). I felt so happy to fix my bicycle on my own. I not only saved money but also some coveted happiness which you get by doing things on your own. After finishing this bicycle maintenance work, I recalled something and went to my bookshelf to search for a book.

After my PhD public defence, my supervisor came to where I was standing, congratulated me and gave me this book. I have safely put this book -- together with my other treasured books -- in my bookshelf. After more than 2 years in the bookshelf, I am still waiting for a peaceful time to read a book of this depth.

While this book may not be related to what happened today, it certainly reminded me of something important waiting for my attention -- a parting gift from Raymond Veldhuis (my PhD supervisor). I will soon read this book and share its wisdom in my blog.