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Project publicities during undergraduate engineering days

5 December 2010

Today I visited the Pulchowk Campus (the college where I studied for my undergraduate engineering degree). I was amazed to see these posters on the notice board.

I had put these posters few years ago to publicize the launch of two of our projects : iSnake and uIOE. I had never imagined that these posters will stick to their original position for such a long time. The vibrant community of students post a large number of posters and notices regularly on these campus notice boards. So I had thought that my project publicity posters would get covered by these new posters and notices.

Thanks to all the students at Pulchowk Campus for not removing my posters. This is probably the reason why these projects websites still get a large number of visitors. I still retain the original electronic version of these posters: iSnake launch poster, uIOE launch poster. I smiled with great joy and had nostalgia when I saw these fading posters stick to their original place. A wonderful and unexpected experience.