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30 August 2010

On June 14, 2010 I wrote the following in my research log book:

as the ambient occlusion remains same in all the 4 images, why don't they cancel out when we compute the ratio images?

In research, it is said that, "Asking the right question is the first step towards finding solution to a problem". Little did I know that with this question in mind, I had embarked on a 78 days journey (from Mon. Jun 14, 2010 to  Mon. Aug 30, 2010) of adventure that involved lots of joy and sorrow almost every day and more importantly, my first experience of being a "child playing on a seashore"

I am writing this blog on Aug 30, 2010 and it was on Fri. Aug 27, 2010 when we (me and my supervisor) submitted our paper, "Minimal Image Sets for Robust Spherical Gradient Photometric Stereo" for the Technical Sketches & Posters  program of SIGGRAPH Asia 2010. Yesterday, we uploaded a 6min 30sec video (MP4, YT) that explains our research and our submission is complete now. Although, I am not sure if the paper will be accepted for publication, I am very happy to have this wonderful experience that one gets when doing something for the first time. I couldn't live without telling this incredible story to you. Moreover, in 10 or 20 years time, I would not remember this story with the clarity that I do now. I know that I will enjoy reading this post myself in the future and these words will help me cherish the first adventure of my research career.

This is my story as a researcher and I will present it in my blog in the future. This is a reason why I have started this blog. I have suddenly realized that blogging is a great way to share my experiences and write down them as stories so that whenever I feel nostalgic about those moments, I can read my blog to cherish those moments.

At present, I can think of the following stories :

I will post these stories in my future blog posts. Bye :)

Update: Our technical sketch was accepted for the SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 conference.