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7 June 2012

It is never easy to explain your research project to a general audience. At several occasions, I have found myself in the middle of a conversation when I am explaining my work and I see a poker face in my humble and patient listener. It is then that I realize, how bad I am at explaining my work. Every such "poker face" helps me to improve my ability to reach to a general audience.

So I was a bit nervous when I learned that I had to give a skype interview on Dec. 22, 2011 to a professional content writer for my research group's flyer (a leaflet intended to publicize ongoing research projects). I scribbled a few important points in a paper and started my interview with some courage obtained by believing that I had already seen enough "poker faces" by now. The interviewer was very smart and quickly understood my work and its importance -- if any. :)

The leaflet has now been published (flip side contains my supervisor's interview) and I am very happy with its content. I lost no time in reading it and quickly snail mailed it to my parents after I received them in my mailbox. Now here I am, pompously talking about it in my blog. To be honest, it feels very nice when somebody writes about your research. Also, I am a Leo and nothing flatters me more than the very though of being talked about -- of course, in a good way. So when I first read Linda Goodman's description of a Leo (about 4 years ago), it felt as if she was writing about me: all my traits (good and bad) were laid naked for the world to see. Felt really embarrassed but again in a good way: I did not choose to be a Leo. :)