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Aadhya Diary #2 : Sense of time

19 January 2017, Oxford, UK.

I usually return home from work at 5PM. When I ring the door bell, my wife opens the door with Aadhya in her arms. Today, I returned late at around 6PM and I saw a video that my wife had recorded of Aadhya going to the door at around 5PM and wondering why I had not shown up at the door yet. Here is a video that shows Aadhya crawling up to the front door, standing and trying to open the door while babbling "papa".

I was touched by this video and realized that Aadhya is silently waiting for me to return home every day. I also realized that Aadhya is growing up fast and now she has a sense of time. Furthermore, she has also learned to associate people with sounds that she hears and produces (e.g. the words "papa" is associated with me).