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Aadhya Diary #1 : Breaking out of a crib

05 January 2017, Oxford, UK.

Aadhya is almost 11 months old and she does not like the confinements of her crib. She loves to roam around the house, open cup boards, and play with everything else except her toys. We let her roam around the house when either of us follow her to make sure that she does not hurt herself while exploring the house. However, when I have to do some work, I put her in her crib along with all her toys. Aadhya does not like to be in a crib and a recent event showed that she has been thinking hard on ways to break free from this crib.

Recently, after returning from office, I wanted to work on some of my projects. So, I kept Aadhya in her crib along with a large plastic box containing most of her toys. I was absorbed in my work for few minutes and when I looked back to check if she was doing well, I exclaimed with fear when I saw that she was ready to jump out of the crib. She had toppled the box containing all her toys and then climbed over it so that she could reach the height of crib's railings.

Soon my initial shock turned into joy when I saw how she had planned her escape. This was an amazing display of creativity by a 11 months old. Her ability to plan an escape from her crib based on whatever resources she had access to is an amazing feat and display of her ingenuity. We both laughed and took some photos and video to save this moment for our memories.

Some notes: