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Janki Mandir at Dawn and Dusk

Janki Temple (Mandir) of Janakpur (Nepal) as seen on the morning of Nov. 02, 2012.

Janki Temple (Mandir) of Janakpur (Nepal) as seen during the sunset of Nov. 02, 2012.






Janki Mandir is a temple in Janakpur, Nepal. I was born here and am always eager to revisit this ancient city.The architectural beauty of this historical temple awes me every time I see it. I hope these two photographs of this temple captured at dawn and dusk will hit you with similar feelings. The first one shows early morning view of this temple as the faint moon tried all in its capacity to brighten up this shot. The second photograph shows the silhouette of this temple as the distant horizon cuddled up the tired sun.

The UNESCO World Heritage website describes this temple as follows:

According to Vedic literature, the present Ram Janaki Temple in Janakpur is located at the birthplace of Goddess Sita, consort of Lord Rama. As mentioned in the great epic of the Ramayana, the area belonged to the realms of King Janak. The Ram Janaki Temple is one of the most holy places for Hindus.  Various vestiges of the 11th and 12th Century AD can be found. The temple architecture is of a much later period, however its style is unique; a blend of classical and neo-classical design with elements of fortification within a unique environmental setting.

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