Dr. Abhishek Dutta

I am a Research Software Engineer in the Visual Geometry Group (VGG) of the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University. My work is supervised by Professor Andrew Zisserman.

My research interests span a range of avenues in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Computer Graphics. I received my doctorate from the University of Twente (Netherlands) in 2015. In 2010, I was awarded the Marie Curie fellowship (Early Stage Researcher (ESR) for the BBfor2 project) to pursue a doctoral research aimed at modelling the relationship between image quality and performance of a face recognition system.

During my MSc in Computer Science (by research) at the University of York (UK), I created a novel face shape and reflection acquisition device called the “Multispectral Light Stage”. This research was funded by the European Research and Educational Collaboration with Asia – EURECA project. Almost all of my research career has been generously funded by the European Commission and I am indeed grateful for that.  I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Institute of Engineering – Pulchowk Campus, Tribhuvan University (Kathmandu, Nepal) in 2009.

I have greatly benefited from several free online learning resources and am fascinated by the teaching ability of Gilbert Strang (OCW, 2008/09/10), Stephen Boyd (SEE, 2010), Andrew Ng (ML – 2011), and Daphne Koller (PGM – 2012). In addition to computer programming and hacking, I also enjoy to apply Mathematics for solving real world problems and I admire the wonderful landscape created by the Mathematicians.

Here are some of my favourite blog posts:

Sometimes, I get bored with my research and these are the times when I enjoy getting involved in hobby electronics , photography and contributing to open source ecosystem. Since my childhood, I have explored the wonderful world of hobby electronics. I love to hack electronic devices to make them do what they were not intended for. I also like the concept of Software Defined Radio (SDR) and would love to see a software like gnuradio for Computer Vision (maybe gnuvision). I plan to build an EEG capture device and record my brain’s activity during sleep. I sleep more than 8 hours a day and would love to know what my brain does when I am asleep :) (inspired by the stories of Inception and Matrix).

I am also passionate about photography and I still dream of becoming a writer. I am a strong supporter of Open Source ecosystem and I use the alias thelinuxmaniac for all my contributions to open source projects — adutta.np for wikipedia/wikivoyage.


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May 19, 2011 at 4:05 pm